State to construct Technical Institute in honour of Chief Namachanja and son Cardinal Otunga


The government has kick started a process to construct a technical Institute in honour of the late Bukusu community paramount Chief Sudi Namachanja and his son the late Cardinal Maurice Otunga.
The late cardinal Otunga once served as Nairobi Roman Catholic archbishop.
The process is an advanced stage to set up the institute at Muanda area of South Bukusu ward, Bumula constituency.
The training institution will directly benefit residents of Bungoma County who will horn their skills in craftsmanship and other technical courses.

The Technical and Vocational Training Director Tom Mulati (R) with Bumula Mp Mwambu Mabonga.

Residents of Muanda village where the late paramount chief was buried have welcomed the proposal and will be the direct beneficiaries.
The Technical Institute is set to be set up at the farm of the late Namachanja.
The Technical and Vocational Training Director Tom Mulati assured residents that the State is ready to kick start construction of the training institution if five acres of land is proved available.
“The government is ready to start the construction process as long as five acres of land is available, works can even start even today as long as we are assured of enough land,” said Mulati.
He continued, “Our focus as a government is to ensure that we offer a humble environment for youths to be trained in different technical skills, this will go a long way in helping them be self-reliant and can offer self-employment instead of waiting for the white color jobs which aren’t forth coming,”.
Mulati asked the area residents to be cooperative and submit a written
agreement that will show their seriousness in embracing the Technical Institute within their jurisdiction so that the ministry can start setting up money for the construction works.
Bumula Member of Parliament Hon. Mwambu Mabonga assured Bungoma residents and its environs that they stand a chance to benefit from the institution if they embrace it.
“The technical training institute will reduce the expenses of residents travelling far and wide to seek for such services, let’s support the government so that it can fast-track the construction process, knowledge is power and it will help reduce unemployment amongst us,” said Mabonga.
The legislator stated that it will also create job opportunities for the local communities hence they can earn and be able to feed and educate their children.
“Am calling on the members of the community to speed up submissions of
the agreement so that the institute can be set up in honour of the late Namachanja and help the community by offering life related courses like artisan,” said the law maker.
On February 27, 2014, the then Bungoma county first governor now the Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka presided over the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of his mausoleum and cultural center at Tulumba in Bumula during the celebration to mark 43 anniversary since his death in 1971.
The late Paramount Chief Sudi Namachanja who died at the age of 95
years after ruling for 48.

Sudi married 117 wives and sired 173 children.

Bumula Mp Mwambu Mabonga