Stop attacking and provoking me, Lusaka tells Wangamati.

Senate speaker Ken Lusaka during an interview at sulwe FM studios in Nairobi.

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka has come out strongly and asked Bungoma County governor Wycliffe Wangamati to stop his verbal attacks and provocation towards his person.

“Am tired of being attacked and demeaned by Bungoma county government officials, let them concentrate on service delivery rather than making me their topic every day, when a cat is ambushed and it has nowhere to hide it will automatically attack the person hunting it,” said Lusaka.

He asked Wangamati to tell Bungoma voters what he had done for them prior to his election as a governor and stop using projects he initiated as a scape goat not to perform as pledged during campaigns.

Speaking during an interview on Sulwe Fm a Bukusu radio station owned by Royal Media Services on November 28, 2019, Lusaka attributed the attacks and provocation to his person to the fear that he might be eyeing the governorship in 2022.

“At the moment am serving Kenyans as the senate speaker, am dedicating my time to the national function in serving Kenyans, am at no time fighting Bungoima County government leaders but they are attacking and provoking me everywhere in public meetings ostensibly with an aim of creating fear among my supporters,” he said.

However, Bungoma County Communication Director Tim Machi said that Lusaka is the governor’s boss according to the hierarchy of power and therefore Governor Wycliffe Wangamati could respond to him.

“He is our boss and therefore there is no need of arguing with him, he has Hus right of expression,” said Machi.

Lusaka who was the first Bungoma governor at the onset of devolution between 2013 to 2017 before he was defeated by Ford Kenya’s Wycliffe Wangamati prides himself of creating many projects amongst them Misikhu-Brigidier road, revamping of Bungoma and Kimilili towns roads among other feeder roads in the county.

“I wrote to World Bank to help raise our towns into municipalities in July 2017 before Wangamati had been elected but am happy that he has managed to implement the same projects funded by the World Bank, my governor should stop mentioning the Wheelbarrow saga and concentrate in delivering services to the electorates,” he said.

Bungoma County where protocol wasn’t followed at all and he was invited to speak first before a minister was called speak last.

“Respect is paramount and each person should be accorded it based on his status in the society, let’s not provoke or attack each other because of politics, the voters are very clever nowadays, you can initiate many projects but they can still sent you packing if they feel you are disrespecting them,” said the senate speaker.

On the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report released yesterday at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi, Lusaka said that he supports it even though it is full of politics.

“The document is good, we will read it and advise our people accordingly, it is political in nature because the change of governance system and creation of elected positions tells it all, let’s read and digest it so that we can make informed decisions,” he stated.