Rafiki App ‘The friends and dating corner’ install one today.


It is easier to hook up, date, befriend and network with friends or professionals, thanks to the invention of the modern Rafiki application online.The Rafiki App administrator Professor Adrian Mukhebi says that Rafiki App is more secure than Facebook, twitter and linked in because your number is linked direct to your prospective customer.”Rafiki App is more personalised, you can find a friend of a defined profile or characteristics based on gender, age, hobby, tribe, town, religion, county and country in an easy way,” said Prof Mukhebi.He continued, “Rafiki App basically is to help people find friends of defined profile, the idea is to have friends of common interests and networking,”Prof Mukhebi says that friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and LinkedIn can now become and form friends or Chamas (Common Interest or Investment Groups)of selected/chosen like minded persons on Rafiki App. He says that the added beauty of Rafiki App is that as you move around from place to place or town to town you move closer to friends who are in those places. “Download and install “Rafiki App” from Google play store now and find, select or choose a friend or friends of like minded person(s). Installation and registration on Rafiki App is free!,” said Mukhebi.
He says the Application is more secure as you talk to your friend one on one with fear of being stalked by any one, it also removes shyness, loneliness and stress.

The App will eventually direct you to your Mpesa where Sh10 will be deducted for you to access your potential friend’s number.

Have a pleasure of installing this App today and you won’t regret.