County Gov’t refutes to claims of outbreak of unknown deadly disease as hundreds fall sick.

By Aris Wanyonyi
Bungoma County government health department has denied claims that two people who are claimed to have denied in Sawa village in Bokoli succumbed to unknown disease.
County public health officer Moses Wambusi states that there is a child who died from sickle cell anaemia and claims of another person committing suicide cases he states are beyond them.
Sawa residents in Bokoli Webuye West constituency.
However, he agreed that a section of area residents are suffering from typhoid brought about by drinking contaminated water.
“Out of the sixteen people that visited Bokoli health centre only two were found with signs of typhoid that is brought about by drinking contaminated water,” he said.
Wambusi stated that he organized several meetings with Bokoli MCA, ward administrator, area chief and other stakeholders and cautioned residents against using dirty water but they are still using it.
“There are four springs in Sawa area but only one was contaminated, we closed it down because there were pit latrines around but the villagers are still using the water from the same spring, we are not to blame but themselves,” he said.
He continued, the story about the outbreak of unknown disease isn’t here nor there, the villagers should follow instructions and they will be safe,”.
Sawa village residents in Webuye West constituency.
Residents voices
However, residents claim that the two deceased persons died from unknown disease while hundreds are sick.
Reports indicate that one person died at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret while receiving medication while another one committed suicide on Sunday evening following unending pain.
Residents claim that the disease bears the symptoms of cholera,typhoid and or dysentery following continued headache, diarrhoea, vomiting and aching joints.
Sawa village elder Mary Nangendo confirmed that the disease has paralyzed most residents who have ended up being bed ridden.
She said majority of them are seeking treatment at Bokoli health centre, Kimilili sub county hospital, Bungoma county referral hospital Webuye county hospital and Dreamland hospital in Kimilili.
“Over 140 households have been affected and the victims are really suffering, doctors have failed to tell us which disease my people are suffering from, I want the medical team to visit this village and conduct thorough research before the disease wipes out my people,” she said.
Irene Wakhungu a villager who fell victim to the disease says the symptoms attacks include diarrhoea, vomiting to an extend of people going basark.
she continues to say that over 10 people from her household have been affected by the disease with her burying one person recently.
Another victim Timothy Nyongesa says that his symptoms were paralysis of fingers and toes, severe headache, back ache and knee pains.
“I visited a medical facility and after doctors taking my stool and urine samples, no traces of diseases were detected instead i was given some injections and tablets which i have no idea about,” he said
Saul Busolo a resident cum well wisher says that more than 200 people have flocked his compound seeking for financial help to treat the disease.
He also adds that the disease has thoroughly affected an estimated 400 people with most of them being hospitalised.
“Majority of them have sold virtually everything to treat unknown disease which has affected the village and its surrounding for the last two weeks with no intervention from the county government health department despite us raising the red flag,” said Busolo.