Nandalwe courts Bungoma MCAs to help raise Sirisia to a municipality.

A Sirisia politician Moses Nandalwe addressing the press in Mabanga, Kabuchai constituency on November 2, 2019. Photo/Newsflash.
Moses Nandalwe during a funds drive in Mabanga, Kabuchai constituency.

A Sirisia politician now plans to involve Bungoma MCAs to help him in raising Sirisia town into a municipality.

Mr.Moses Nandalwe says that members of the county assembly play an integral part in developing and raising status of major towns.
He said that with the ward leaders backing he will be able to be listened by the governor for the benefit of Sirisia people.
Speaking in Mabanga village in Kabuchai constituency on November 2 during a funds drive to aid settle the bill of the deceased retired teacher Hudson Wekesa, Nandalwe stated that for Sirisia to grow economically it has to be raised into a municipality status.
“We need a paradigm shift and economic revolution, this can only be attained if Sirisia town attains a municipality status,” he said.
He noted that it is only Sirisia town that has not been forgotten in terms of being raised into a municipality yet it meets the 250 household population thresh hold.
He called on Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati  to shelve raising Chwele market into a municipality because of its proximity to Kimilili town and instead shift it to Sirisia town.
A Sirisia politician Moses Nandalwe (L) with West Nalondo MCA Erick Wapang’ana in Mabanga village, Kabuchai constituency on Nov 2, 2019. Photo/Newsflash.

“The urban and cities act section 93 gives the governor the mandate to allocate or to upgrade a town into a municipality aided by spacial and physical planning people, according to my understanding, Sirisia meets the threshold,” he said.

Nandalwe affirmed that he had already written to Wangamati requesting him to consider putting into place plans to raise Sirisia town into a municipality.
“Am not fighting the governor, am only fighting for my people to get all the needed development which can only be achieved if the town is raised into a municipality status, we will be able to get funding from the world bank that will help develop this town that has been neglected for a long time,” he said.
He said that Sirisia is a cosmopolitan region which hosts the majority Bukusus, Tesos, Sabaots and other tribes and has got three wards which includes, Namwela, Lwandanyi and Malakisi/South Kulisiru and together merged with Cheptais they can have a strong sense of entitlement.
He said that Sirisia town has got enough land for sewerage system, parking and expansion of other facilities.
He called on the area Mp John Waluke to also sweet talk governor Wycliffe Wangamati instead of fighting him and area MCAs for his own selfish interests.
“We want him to support us in achieving our goal instead of fighting him which will derail development,” said Nandalwe.
During the funds drive, Nandalwe was accompanied by West Nalondo Eric Wapang’ana, Sitikho ward MCA Grace Sundukwa, West Bukembe MCA Antony Luseneka and South Bukusu MCA.