Delisting me from TSC register is just food for media and social media -Sossion.

Knut SG Wilson Sossion
Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) secretary general Wilson sossion has down played the recent drama where he was deregistered from the Teachers Service Commission register.
In a gazette notice dated October 31, Sossion was delisted and will no longer teach a Kenyan child be it in public or private school.
Speaking in Webuye town, Bungoma County during a burial and benevolent Scheme AGM, Sossion dismissed his deregisteration has silly, imaginary and mischievous of TSC.
“The recently witnessed drama is just food for media and social media for some weeks to come, that is a non issue to me because am in Knut to stay and I will be its SG for the next nine 9 years,” he said.
He said that he stopped teaching in 2001 and can’t see himself going back to class even if he retires from the union leadership.
“I don’t give a damn to the purported derigestaration by TSC as a teacher who further went ahead to gazette my name, those are just the noise by some ignorant TSC commissioners who are ignorant of the labour relations act,” said Sossion.
He attributed his deregestaration to the fall out with some TSC commissioners who think that they can micromanage Knut and other labour movements in the country.
“They should understand that I don’t need to be a teacher to serve as the Knut’s secretary general, when you deregister Sossion, he doesn’t cease being a Knut SG, he doesn’t need to be employed by TSC to represent teachers, the labour and relations court pronounced itself very clearly that a person from any other profession or trade can represent Knut as an SG.
Sossion reiterated that Knut is no longer at logger heads with their employer (TSC) but rather the unions was practicing its traditional labour movement of fighting for the rights of its members.
On matters county teacher elections, he said that teachers should take part in electing county KnutĀ  secretaries.
Sossion on the other hand supported the current constitutional reforms (BBI) saying power Sharing is key in any government to avoid violence and tension after each and every elections.
This comes amid speculations on the content in the BBI structure of government.