Wetang’ula, Weluke clash over BBI.


Ford Kenya party leader Moses Masika Wetangula and Sirisia Mp John Waluke clashed over Building Bridges Initiative.

Wetang’ula called on Kenyans to reject the Presidential system in the coming referendum which gives power to a few individuals at the expense of the majority voters.

Speaking in Sirisia during the burial  of  mama Sarah Barasa a Ford Kenya supporter over the weekend Wetang’ ula claimed that the current constitution is a catalyst of chaos since it centers power to a few individuals at the expense of majority voters.
“The 2010 constitution  brought a system where the winner takes it all and power is shared by only two communities,” he said.
The Bungoma Senator clashed with Sirisia MP John Waluke when he called on voters to reject the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI ) and suggested that  Wetang’ ula  drops his Presidential ambitions and supports the Deputy President William Ruto presidency.
The Ford Kenya leader said that he will run for Presidency in 2022 and cannot support Deputy President  Ruto who  according to the Senator has been  politically isolated and begging from the periphery of power as a result of the limitations of the constitution.
Wetang’ ula said that unless the constitution is changed political power will continue revolving around two communities which he didn’t name and majority  Kenyans  will forever be  isolated from the top leadership.
“Waluke should stop day dreaming that his boss is close to the top seat when he is begging for power from the sidelines as a result of  the centralization of power by a few people supported by this constitution,”
Waluke had earlier on called on the electorate to reject proposals by the BBI initiative to decentralize power by creating other political positions in the forthcoming referendum.
“You should reject the BBI initiative which increases the burden on the common person by creating positions for political rejects,” said Waluke.
The Sirisia MP said he will support Deputy President William Ruto since no Luhyia leader had marshalled enough support to vie for the top seat.
“The wind is blowing from all directions towards Surgoi and i cannot support my brother for Presidency since i know he will be coming back to vie as a Senator,” Waluke added.
The Sirisia MP asked residents to reject any machinations by politicians to increase the wage bill through the BBI initiative arguing that the country had amassed  many debts which will strain the pockets of the common man.
“All the positions that will be created by BBI including my salary and that of Wetang’ ula will be on your shoulders if you accept these proposals,”
Already the government has allocated Sh10 billion this financial year to ensure BBI bill succeeds.
Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati said that he will only support any initiative that will be geared towards increasing national resources to counties.
” I will only support any initiative that will increase resources at the grassroots,” Wangamati said.