Bungoma’s Jamia primary school closed, learners sent home.

The closed down Jamia primary school board chairman (in cap) Mr.Victor Kakenyi with the school parents in protest on October 14, 2019. Photo/Oti Oteba/Newsflash.
Parents of Jamia primary school in Bungoma town. Photo/Oti Oteba/Newsflash

A public primary school in Kanduyi constituency has been shut down indefinitely and pupils sent home.

Jamia primary school in the heart of Bungoma town was closed last Thursday by the county security/education officials.
The school was shut down owing to its poor infrastructure that was endangering the lives of both teachers and learners.
A letter from the education office highlights the issues that led to its closure some of which is poor infrastructure, lack of enough toilets, congestion and lack of enough land where the school sits.
The school board chairman Victor Kakenyi blamed the education officials of closing the school indefinitely without even a notification.
“We are perturbed with the hurry in which the school was closed, we have had no other problems, the school with 319 learners has got good infrastructure and we are reading malice in its closure,” said Kakenyi.
He wondered why the officers hurriedly closed the school which caters for poor students from informal settlement area of Mjini, Mupeli, Mandizini, Muteremuko and Bondeni estates.
He stated that there was no prior communication from the concerned parties and the closure of the learning institution has left parents and learners stranded.
“It is hard for parents to change school for their children so that they can undertake their education, where will they get the money to help them buy school uniforms and other small fees needed?,” he posed.
He is calling on the education office to allow back the learners so that they can be able to finish with their third term program as they plan to join other schools.
Kakenyi noted that it was in bad faith to close the school towards the end of the term and it would be difficult for the 19 KCPE candidates to concentrate on their preparation to sit the exams.
Agitated parents decried lack of consultation before the school was closed.
Mohammed Mukhwana stated that he has no money to help him in taking his three children to other schools.
“Let the government allow back the students so that they can sit for their end of year exams, this will help us in planning on how to transfer them next year to other neighbouring schools.