Kimilili Mp hits at Magoha for closing unfit schools.

Senate speaker Ken Lusaka with Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa at Kibabii university on October 3, 2019.

Education cabinet secretary Prof George Magoha has come under sharp criticism for closing schools considered unfit for human habitation

Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa faulted the CS for shutting down some schools instead of improving their infrastructure.
Addressing students at Kibabii University on October 4, the outspoken law maker stated that, the government work should be to construct more classes in schools but not closing the existing ones.
“The government should work in creating  more schools but not shutting down the existing ones, this can easily brew anger from parents who depend on those schools for their children,” said Barasa.
Senate speaker Ken Lusaka is received by Kibabii University top administration on October 3,2019. Photo/Oti Oteba/Newsflash.
Magoha has closed a number of schools due to lack of sound buildings that poses danger to learners.
Barasa said that the government has the responsibility of ensuring that there are good and sound buildings to cater for learners.
“Magoha has failed as the CS by closing some schools instead of ensuring the safety of learners, we can’t allow the children to suffer due to lack of the government’s unpreparedness,” he said.
The legislator stated that it is sad that candidates preparing to sit for their national examinations are made to suffer following the closure of their schools by the government.
“It is not a mistake of children, it is the government machinery that has terribly failed, by shutting down such schools, leads to the suffering of innocent children, if there are primary and or secondary schools let the learners take their learning under a tree until the government builds schools for them,” said Barasa.
He said that by next there is a motion under the Adhoc committee chaired by himself that will grill Magoha on the failures of the ministry of education.
Meanwhile, the senate speaker Ken Lusaka called on Kibabii university students to concentrate on their studies.
“Education is an equalizer and it guarantors learners a bright future,” he said.
The alumni association is meant to pull resources together to help students from poor backgrounds who can’t afford food and school fees.
“As a patron I will partner with other foundation in and outside the country so that we have enough money to cater for students from humble backgrounds,” said Lusaka.