Ruto helps 8 Mt Elgon pupils whose school has been closed on health grounds.

The deputy president William Ruto helps Mt Elgon pupils whose school has been closed. Photo/Aris Wanyonyi/Newsflash.

By Aris Wanyonyi.

The Deputy President William Ruto surprised 8 pupils whose school has been closed by offering them lunch.

The 8 pupils were found playing in their compound something that shocked him at the time others were learning in school.

The pupils of Tendet primary school in Mt Elgon sub county were sent home after public health officials closed it citing health hazard issues that could endanger them.

Ruto put a smile on the face on a group of school going children who were experiencing education huddles.

Ruto was on his way to Namakhele primary school in kimilili constituency on September 30 when he saw the playing children.

He abruptly stopped his convoy and sought to understand why they were just at home while others were in school.

“The government is investing a lot of money in terms of school fees to better these kids lives, why are they at home when we are offering free primary education,” he asked.

On further inquiry it was explained to him that their school Tendeti primary in Mt Elgon had been closed down due to poor infrastructure and management issues.

He made a contact to the kids mother Elani Bakari with whom he presented a token of appreciation with a promise to make a follow-up to make sure the school is helped and pupils recalled on time.

On the other hand the area Mp Fred Kapondi came guns blazing on the relevant authorities criticizing them for the school’s closure.

Kapondi cited the act as immoral and uncouth since the government is putting in much resources and efforts to ensure its children get quality education for the betterment of the society.

Ruto warned the school heads against sending learners home over the lunch program funds.