Nobody from Dynasties will ascend to power in 2022, American Prophet predicts 

Prophet Baez while preaching at Harvest International Ministries led by Reverend Martin Ssuna in Nairobi. Photo/Isaac Wanjekeche/Newsflash.

By Isaac Wanjekeche

American based preacher and Prophet Dionny Baez has said the next president of Kenya will emanate from a humble background and not from dynasty.

While preaching at a City church in Nairobi on September 23, Dionny said the contest for presidency will be likened to the biblical story of David and Goliath.

“With prayers nothing is impossible,” he said adding that the leader will be God fearing.

This is not the first time the preacher has made his voice on national matter in Kenya; in 2008 Baez predicted that Kenya would discover oil in North.

He said that God showed him a massive well of oil that would contain 100 million barrels of oils.

Prophet Baez further addressed matters to do with economy citing a great improvement in the year 2021.

He said Kenya’s economy will surpass South Africa in the near future.

He said that the country will vomit its raw resources that have never been seen before including enormous deposits of God.

He said that God has limited further explorations of more minerals and resources citing wrong hands handling them.

Baez was born in Venezuela in 1979 in Merida. Who is based in Miami state in America.

He is the founder of Last Generation Ministries  which is available on  Television networks on Spanish TBN and other TV’s  and radio stations around the world.