Shock as missing Kimilili woman’s body buried in Sirisia constituency.

Irine Nafula (Red top) the deceased daughter. Photo/Aris Wanyonyi/Newsflash.
Senate speaker Ken Lusaka during the burial of Mama Grace Wekesa (Wrong body) in Sirisia constituency on Friday August 23, 2019. Photo/Oti Oteba/Newsflash.

Story by Aris Wanyonyi.

A family in Nakalira village, Kamukuywa ward in Kimilili constituency, Bungoma County has been thrown into a state of panic as the body of their kin has gone missing from the morgue.

Reports indicate that the late mama Mary Sakaria died on August 14 and her body was taken to Dreamland hospital morgue in Kimilili town has her family was planning for burial.
However, when the deceased family went to collect her body on Monday August 26, they were shocked to be presented with a different body.
After a long search in the mortuary through the records and physically by mortuary attendants it was said that a mixture had occurred after some other body was transfered to Lugulu morgue and thereafter buried in Sirisia constituency on Friday 23, where the burial ceremony was attended by high dignitaries including senate speaker Ken Lusaka, Sirisia Mp John Waluke among other county officials.
The body was buried was buried in Mufungu village, Lwandanyi ward in Sirisia constituency and was thought to be of mama Grace Wekesa.
The other family who have now realised that they kin had been buried in Mufungu village are in the process of getting a court order to exhume the body and offer it a descent burial.
The deceased family have reported the matter at Kimilili  police station.
This comes amid cries from the family of mama Mary Sakaria who now want the mortuary attendants to take responsibility and foot all bills incurred so far.
In addition a ceremony is set to be performed in both homes  according to Bukusu culture where a sheep is to be slaughtered to appease the ancestors whereas the grave dug earlier at mama Sakaria should filled by planting a banana stem hence another one to be dug for burial of the body.
This is a way of avoiding calamities to befall the family as narrated by elder Mzee John walubengo.
Dreamland hospital CEO Ruth Nabiswa addressing the press.Photo/Aris Wanyonyi/Newsflash.