Silk lounge Webuye to host big four English football fans tournament.

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By Isaac Porcupine.

Fanatics of the big four English premier league team will be meeting for once in a football a tournament in Webuye.

Silk lounge and entertainment has organized the tournament this weekend pitting fanatics of the four teams.

Players during a built up match.

The tournament will take a single day and culminate into finals on August 24.
The director of Silk Lounge and entertainment Marryanne Kaiser has said Webuye DEB grounds will play host to the tournament.
“The players of the eleven aside teams will clad in their respective team’ s official uniforms “,said Maryanne.
She said the tournament will be able to bring together the fans of those big four for once in a live event.
She said fans from Bungoma, Kitale, Webuye and Kakamega have already signed up for the tournament.
Zack Ligayi, the events planner has said the teams will do knockouts to enable a finals at the end of the day.
“The teams have been making preparations and training for the last one month,” said Ligayi.