A Bumula school property to be auctioned over Sh10 m debt.

Kuppet executive secretary Augustine Luketelo. Photo/Courtesy
Bumula Mp Mwambu Mabongah speaking at St Elizabeth Bitobo high school on March 25, 2019. Photo/Oti Oteba/Newsflash.

Education stakeholders have called on Bumula Mp to help a sick school that’s on the verge of being auctioned.

Properties of Muanda secondary school in South Bukusu ward are to be auctioned following an issued court order.
Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) officials have called on the area legislator Mwambu Mabonga to move with speed and save the situation.
The county union branch executive secretary Augustine Luketelo says that it will look awkward if the school properties are auctioned for the contractor to recover his money yet there is the National Government Constituency Development Funds which can help fix the problem.
“We are perturbed that the area Mp isn’t willing to settle the debt of a project started by the former Mp Boniface Otsiula, this means that if the school properties are auctioned, then the local parents and students will suffer most,” said Luketelo.
Addressing the press in Bungoma town on August 19, the unionist stated that the protracted legal tussle between the contractor and the school might haunt the future of learners and the local community.
“Let the law maker just be wise enough if he values education and initiate talks with the contractor so that his debt can be settled within a set period or else if the Mp keeps his ground I will mobilize teachers and local community for a mother of all demonstrations, let this be a wake up call,” he warned.
A localĀ  contractor had won a tender in 2017 to put up a multi purpose hall at Muanda secondary school at a tune of Sh10.3 million by the then former Mp Boniface Otsiula but he exited from power before the contractor had not been paid his dues from the CDF kitty and now it is claimed that the current Mp isn’t willing to pay him.
“I sought for court arbitration after my efforts to have my funds paid had failed, I want the current CDF holder to pay it failure to which we have already attached the school valuables to help me recover my money,” said Captain Charles Masinde, the contractor.
Efforts to get a comment from the area legislator Mwambu Mabonga were futile has his phone couldn’t be picked nor messages sent to his phone responded to.
The school principal also declined to speak to this writer for fear of intimidation from the area Mp.
“I don’t I know what you are saying, I got no comment over it,” she said and disconnected the call.
However, Luketelo who says that the works are 70 percent complete wants Hon.Mabonga to complete all projects started by Mr.Otsiula to stop wasting public resources.
“It is claimed that his or a company associated with his close allies are carrying out almost all the CDF projects for a 10 percent kickback that is why he doesn’t want to complete works at Muanda secondary school nor pay the contractor because he won’t benefit at all,” stated the unionist.
County Kuppet chairman David Barasa stated that it was wrong for the constituency leadership to fail assisting such a school yet it values education.
“We are angered by reports that the school properties can be auctioned after had been sued, let the area Mp handle this matter, once and all to save our children,” he said.
Two months ago, a funds drive was held at the school where devolution cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Mabonga contributed iron sheets to help in roofing the school buildings which were razed down by strange fire.