Mt Elgon Livestock farmers set to reap big as major cattle dips to be revamped.

Amos Chemabus. Photo/Courtesy.
A cattle dip. Photo/Courtesy.
A cattle dip. Photo/Courtesy

Farmers in Mt Elgon will no longer use the back pumps while spraying their livestock to kick out ticks and other diseases.

This will eventually help in improving theĀ  economic fortunes of the region where majority residents depend on agriculture as its main economic backbone.
Area businessman Amos Chemabus has eventually pledged to renovate the main cattle dips which collapsed back in early 2,000.
Chemabus has pledged to revamp Kimaswa and Chepkube cattle dips in Cheptais ward to cushion farmers from the daily hustles of taking care of their animals.
The two cattle dips are a lifeline to the residents of Cheptais Ward who have been covering long distances to access the essential facilities.
Mr Chemabus a seasoned politician and philanthropist who have won the hearts of many due to his generosity has petitioned elders in the area to sort out the controversy surrounding the land ownership where the cattle dips stand in a bid aimed at paving way for their renovation.
Addressing the press in Bungoma town on July 22, Chemabus who has been nurturing sporting talents in the vast Cheptais ward by donating branded football merchandise to various teams took issue with individuals who have been cultivating crops around the abandoned dips saying that the move was hindering livestock farmers to take their animals to the facilities.
“Livestock farming is one of the lucrative economic activities that used to earn residents of Cheptais a lot of money in the past years. This is where I want us to go back in ensuring that subsistence income is realised,” said Chemabus.
He continued, “The area will not only act as the cattle dip but we shall be requesting the county government to avail resources so that we can have an Agricultural Demonstrations center, where our farmers can have an opportunity to learn new agricultural techniques and innovations.”
According to him, bee keeping, poultry farming and coffee are his first priority
Due to his current political influence and generosity, Chemabus is set to help farmers pluck their crops as he harvests votes in the 2022 succession politics.