Wangamati appoints a 17 member team to identify and reposes grabbed land.

Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati. Photo/Governor's Press.
Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati has appointed a 17 member taskforce to help in identifying and later repossession of grabbed land.
Wangamati appointed former powerful Bumula and later Kanduyi Mp Lawrence Sifuna to chair the taskforce which has been given 20 days to table their report to him and later to the assembly for its adoption.
Speaking on February 11, the county boss reiterated that majority public land have been grabbed by powerful individuals hence making it difficult for construction of public amenities.
“This taskforce will identify grabbed land in our county so that they are later repossessed to help us put up public structures, currently we lack land to put up such amenities,” he said.
He stated that expansion of roads, putting up of hospitals and other public structures have been hampered by people who illegally acquired public lands and developed them.
“I will not tolerate any grabbing, all people who acquired public land illegally should be prepared to surrender them even if it includes myself as your governor, we should act as an example instead of waiting to be ashamed by the law,” said Wangamati.
Mr.Sifuna said that the team is up to task and they will ensure that all the grabbed land is repossessed to help the county have enough of it for development.
“The team will make sure that we identify and present the report within the set period, we ensure his excellence the governor and the public that we shall have an in depth report which will be adopted by the assembly for the betterment of the county,” he said.
Wangamati administration has been at loggerheads with the local community especially in Bungoma town following the demolition of houses and brick fences to help in opening up the road systems within different estates.