‘You either surrender or be shot dead’ Kimilili Mp orders a gang known as 17 brothers.

Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa. Photo/Oti Oteba/Newsflash.
Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa’s tweet

A gang of criminals calling itself ’17 brothers’ that has been terrorising residents of Kimilili constituency have been warned to either reform or face the bullet.

Addressing residents of Maeni ward on January 26, area Mp Didmus Barasa said that he will not tolerate criminals having a dancing field in his constituency and causing fear.

He called on police officers to shoot dead members of a gang calling itself the 17 brothers that terrorises residents of Kamukuywa and Maeni ward.

He said that security agencies in Kimilili are on high alert and will ruthlessly deal with the gang members who have found comfort in causing insecurity.
“Let Police officers not spare them, they should be shot dead, arresting them will just cause another burden to their families, they have already killed three old men in Kamukuywa and they should also be wiped out, don’t spare them,” Barasa told the police officers.

He asked the gang members to surrender and choose to venture into viable projects that he will sponsor for them, be shot dead or through public lynching.
“They either come out and I sponsor businesses for them or let them continue with their criminal activities and face the full force of the law, we can’t compromise the security of our people with few criminals causing havoc,” said Barasa.
The law maker said that there is no need of arresting them because they will be released on bond then flee leaving their kins suffering because the government will auction their land as a way of recovering the surity.